The Best of VE

Welcome. As I march toward 1,000 posts and beyond it occured to me that not every blog reader necessarily wants to read all of those. And after the shock wore off I decided I'd dogleg a few posts for you. But which ones? There are so many! I decided to classify them into groupings. Take some time and enjoy what I think is the heart and soul of Fantastical Nonsense and the essense of VE!

The Funny As Hell Posts

Ok, these probably could have fit into categories below but I just think they're damn funny. Of course, I don't expect YOU to have my odd sense of humor...not that there's anything wrong with that.

Alternative Endings
Men Shopping
Smooth Farts
Potty Talk
Pathetic Things that Kept Me From Being Cool as a Kid in the 70s
Kids to Adults to Kids

The Epic Posts

On occasion, VE has been known to do a fantastical multi-part effort. Here are a few:

The Oprah Oddessy. It started with a strange observation on my part and just went from there. I don't know where these things start...

Charting Oprah
On the Run
Still On the Run

West Wing Story. With the whole drama over selecting our Presidental nominees I thought I'd take a stab at rewriting a classic into a political soap opera/musical.

West Wing Story - Part 1
West Wing Story - Part 2
West Wing Story - Part 3
West Wing Story - Part 4

The Match Game. Ever internet dated? Well I have! And here I take you through a hillarious run at filling out the application (from a guys point of view).

Match Game Part 1 - The Basics
Match Game Part 2 - Appearance
Match Game Part 3 - Interests
Match Game Part 4 - Lifestyle
Match Game Part 5 - Background/Values
Match Game Part 6 - About My Date

The Game of Life. I took the board game and revised it for today's reality.

Life - A New Reality
A New Spin on Life
A New Start on Life
Life is not Money

The Most Crazy Posts

We have a lot of fun around here and sometimes things just get out of control. These are just plain wacky posts. Some are outrageous, some are just wrong but all of them are CRAZY!

Having Fun and Being Outrageous with Memes
Hey...VE's on Steroids
Fun with Translations
Albums to Avoid for the Rest of Your Life - Part 1
Albums to Avoid for the Rest of Your Life - Part 2
Santa Claus is Coming to Town
Naked Skydiving
Man Eating Aardvarks
Chris from Angry Seafood Collects his winnings
New Pets, New Pets
Raising Kids
Well I Suppose I Could Clean Up
Marketing Fecal Murals
The Next Governor
Islamic Internet Dating
Four Things I Wouldn't Expect
Nobody Does this Anymore
To Be Perfectly Honest

The Most Artistic Posts

Sometimes VE will be creative visually: A diagram, a creative photo, a chart. These are some of the best visual post offerings:

Fun with Paintings
VE's More Useful Name Tags
Fun with Albums
Calendars the VE Way
Politically Incorrect State Postcards
Movie Scenes the VE Way
Magazine Mashups
Visuals and Diagrams
Making History Happier
Walk of Shame
Where's Inny?
Power of Gump
Every Song has its Time
Fun Foto Time
Where in the World
What the Hell Happened?

The Most Innovative Posts

VE comes up with some wild and wacky inventions and creations. Here are some of the more interesting:

Parenting Teens the VE Way
Making Google Smarter
Wii Erotica Coming Soon
Weeble Wobble Old People
Health Club Blues
Extreme Bachelor Pad
Run, Bubble, Run
A Sneak Peek into Obama's Housing Solution
VE's Multi-Use Segway
Affordable Living
I Need to Save Time
VE's Money Saving Tips in a Tough Economy
The Bad Guy's Outlet Store
VE's Vanity Store
Lettuce Wraps Unleashed
Mobile Satellite
New Improvements
Deregulating the Judicial System
Sieze the Opportunities
Adopt a Carpet
The $20 Project
Virtual You
Blogs I have Yet to Create
Solving the World's Problems

The Most Creative Posts

VE is known for his creativity ( his own mind he is). These are some of his most creative ideas. Some are wacky, some are stupid but some are downright ingenious:

Celebrity Survivor
Expanding the Hallmark Line
Wizard of Oz from Different Perspectives
VE's Hollyweird Squares
Celebrity Millionaire
Trial and Error
Constipation Marketing
Theme Week
Products that Didn't Make It
Find Your Niche
The President's Book of Secrets
Celebrity Halloween Masks
VE Looks into the Future
No Contact From the Outside World
The Men's Secret Flow Chart

The Best Song Parody Posts

That sneaky VE...he sometimes adds parodies into his regular posts even though he already has a separate parody section for his blog. Here are a few choice selections:

Smooth Farts
My Most Creative Blog Comment Ever
Twas the Night Before Posting